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We’re dedicated to delivering doctor-prescribed medications to injured workers, auto accident victims and others without worry, expense or delay


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TrustRx is committed to the principle that doctors should decide the medical treatment injured workers receive. We treat people with dignity, respect and kindness, and a real person quickly answers your calls. Because we live up to our reputation. We also manage the claims process for thousands of patients and hundreds of attorneys and doctors across the United States.

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Injured Workers


Get medications your doctor has prescribed for free



You fight for your client. We’ll handle the medications



Spend your time healing patients, not haggling with insurance companies



From an Attorney

Every week, I get calls from my clients, injured workers who are not receiving workers’ comp checks, whose medical insurance is about to be cut off, who are seeing a medical doctor, and who are being prescribed medications that they suddenly can’t afford. Naturally, they’re frantic. I say, ‘Call TrustRx, tell them you’re represented by me. Give them all of your information. Then call me back and let me know if you’re as anxious as you were before you called me.’ I have never once had somebody call and say, ‘Why did you send me there?’ All I get is ‘thank you.’

- Jason Krasno, ESQ.

Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From a Doctor

To everyone at TrustRx, we greatly enjoy working with the caliber of people at your pharmacy.

- Gerald Creed, M.D.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From a Worker

Thank you for all of your great service in the past. Service is always excellent. It’s mind-boggling how quickly I get it (medications). Every time I receive my medications I call the pharmacy to thank them.

- Robert Bryant

Bensalem, Pennsylvania

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